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Air Swimmers

Posted By on August 10, 2017 in Reviews |

Air Swimmers

It’s not a bird! It’s not a plane! It’s the coolest indoor remote control toy called Air
Swimmer. These 3-feet gloriously huge balloons come in two designs to entice and
entertain everyone of all ages.

Designed to be used indoors, the Air Swimmers are destined to be a hit at your next
party. Using an infrared remote control, batteries and a motor on the tail, you can
control the Shark or Clownfish up to 40 feet away from the remote control. Ensure
you have 4, AAA batteries, a small Phillips screwdriver when it arrives to your door.
Visit any store that fills up balloons such as a party store or florist shop and fill your
balloon with helium. Be prepared to pay anywhere from $7 to $13 per fill of the
balloon. Your Shark or Clownfish are designed to swim through your air for
approximately two to three weeks. You can manually add in air via a drinkable
straw to stretch out the amount of time you use your fish.

This indoor toy always keeps giving, as it is inflatable, deflated and reusable. Using
3M tape, your fish has fins that will stay on forever. Feel free to use the additional
reinforced tape coming with the package.

Pop and go? No way. Your Air Swimmer is made out of a printed durable nylon so it
can withstand hits, knocks and smashes into walls or artwork. Everyone will want
to pet this new toy too.

The two-button remote control makes it easy to navigate even for the most novice
type of users. The button on the left can make your fish climb or dive just like they
do in the ocean. The button on the right will move the tail in such a lifelike way that
it seems like its swimming through the air.

Over 10 million of these have been sold and many more will be as offices, homes and
everyone in between all love balloons and the fact that you can maneuver a 3-foot
fish in the air makes everyone want to try it. Get yours at The Shopping Channel as
that is the only place in Canada you can buy one.