Marianthe Mesbouris

Marianthe Mesbouris

Chief Editor & Founder

Often referred to as “RED”, Marianthe Mesbouris has helped thousands of Canadians equip their home and home offices with technology products from premium technology brands.

Marianthe once used to promote hair care products and wanted to have a greater understanding of technology. She began working with Hewlett Packard in 2001 and first began as a technical trainer. She held a few more titles and won awards for being the top producing sales manager of the quarter. She became the go-to person for trade shows, and in May of 2003, she became a spokesperson for Hewlett Packard Canada where she began working at The Shopping Channel. In 2008, she became the resident electronics expert on The Shopping Channel and began to present other premium electronics products.

In her spare time, Marianthe contributes her time and technical knowledge to a non-profit women’s organization, she enjoys digital scrapbooking, taking pictures, organizing things around her, reading personal development books, and is focused on getting fit particularly at this point in her life as she became a mom in October 2012.

Marianthe thanks Facebook and Skype for reuniting her with her former childhood friend, neighbour and now husband Jason. Jason’s sister found Marianthe on Facebook, told her brother, he connected with her and they experienced “love at first Skype”. After marrying Jason in November 2011, Marianthe is a firm believer in fate and putting your “best foot forward all the time”. She is the person who says often “what you focus on is what you get out of life” so this is why she surrounds herself with loving, positive and talented people and does the best she can all the time. Her husband is her best friend, her daughter is the light of her life, her son is stuck on her like glue and her cat Tiger has enabled her to realize love for the 4-legged creatures out there and she still knows the people she went to public school with. Her friends call her RED and she never leaves home without her digital camera or portable battery charger.