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Blinq Ring

Posted By on April 12, 2017 in Reviews |

Blinq Ring

The Blinq Ring Company is where fashion meets wearable technology.

Think of the rings as fashion first and a technology piece second.

The rings are true fine jewelry pieces as they are made out of precious metals and high quality genuine gemstones. There are a dozen styles to choose from that come in three different finishes; rose gold, yellow gold and white gold; Oh la la lah. The ring comes in with the patent-pending Gem Glow Technology alerting you through vibe or colour.

Alarmingly, people will check their phone up to an astounding 150 times per day.   So if you are feeling stressed out and unable to focus because you are checking your phone a lot, get this ring. If your partner/girlfriend or spouse is mindlessly scrolling through their phone and they are not sure why, it’s time for an intervention. Get them their time back with this ring. It will benefit you too as it makes room for more cuddle time. It comes with an easy to navigate app available for download for iOS and Android devices.

Most times, unimportant notifications from Social Media Apps can take you out of your zone. Your productivity suffers and you end up feeling stressed. That stress then follows you throughout the evening as you are probably like the rest of us trying to play catch up. The Blinq Ring allows you to filter what notifications and calls you want to come in. For me, it’s the school, my spouse and my mom that I want to stay connected to while busy at work. The rest can wait. This means that instead of being attached or your phone, you can now focus on the tasks you are doing without experiencing FOMO (fear of missing out). In addition, for the dress-without-pockets wearing ladies out there, here is the ultimate fashionable solution to staying connected to who and what matters.

The coolest feature of the app is the VIP option. You can add (very important) people to a customized list. Further, you can choose which colour you assign to them.  It is water resistant so you can wash your hands like you normally would without fear of damaging the ring – hallelujah!

Stay in the moment whether it’s for work or leisure with this lineup of fashionable rings. The truth is that people want to hang out with you and not your phone so put the phone away so you can block out distractions and be fully present. Bottom line, the ring will keep you looking good and you will feel good knowing what’s happening on your phone.  It will quickly become your favourite fashion accessory.