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iHome Zenergy – Portable Sleep Therapy Machine

Posted By on April 12, 2017 in Reviews |

iHome Zenergy – Portable Sleep Therapy Machine

When you think about it, sleep really effects every single part of your day. If you sleep well, your day inevitably is better. If not, then it will have an impact on your mood and the way you interact with people at home and at work. Thankfully, iHome has come up with a product called Zenergy, the sleep therapy machine. Even in its name, you get that zen feeling but this product has both light therapy and sound therapy built in that will help you sleep restfully and wake energized. Consider this an easy DIY solution to getting better sleep and to wake up feeling like a champion.

The version I have is the portable one (iZBT5) that can be used in countless situations. If you suffer from insomnia or want to get a better night’s rest, then this device can be “the one” for you. Did you know that 2 out of 3 people experience sleep issues? I believe it in this day and age as we are a go, go, go society that is always connected.

So plug this in to a power outlet, download the app (or not) and you turn it on. Off of the plug, you get a good 10 hours or portability. You decide if you want to use it for nighttime sleeping or for waking energized or both. There are 6 sound therapy presets and beautiful colours that can blend together to help take you away to that perfect place of peace for the perfect night’s sleep. Since there is full customization, you can also select the lights and sound to work in a way that you wake up with the sounds and colours feeling energized and refreshed for your day. People have used this device while doing yoga or with their children and babies. The sound therapy helps with yoga practice and the sound and light therapy helps children. The heartbeat mode is my favourite as that is the ultimate relaxer and will definitely slow down your heart and breath and get you sleeping quick!

The alarm feature on here is nice as well and Bluetooth capabilities. The Aux-In allows you to connect your phone. You can answer calls and use it as a speaker phone. The included landyard is perfect to carry it from room to room or from car to the place you are going. Remember our internal clocks need wavelengths of light throughout the day. The colour light therapy simulates these much needed wavelengths, triggering your body’s internal response system to improve your sleep. A mind that is always racing can make it hard to sleep or focus on tasks throughout the day so the sound therapy uses perfectly engineered sounds to cancel out distractions and allow your mind to calm.

Does your mind race at night or do sounds distract you? Do you feel sluggish in the morning? Well this product helps your circadian rhythm get back to the right place for a better overall life when it comes to sleep and a restful mind.