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Lenovo Smart Display

Posted By on February 7, 2019 in Reviews |

Lenovo Smart Display

The Lenovo Smart Display combines the intuitiveness of an HD touchscreen with the functionality of a smart speaker to provide a one-stop command center for the entire family.

Basically, you can streamline your life and do it in style! Seeing is believing and seeing IS better!

This simple-to-own device requires power, a smartphone, a Wi-Fi connection and the Google Home App.  Once it’s set up, you can use the Google Assistant.

Manage your daily tasks by asking “Hey Google, what’s on my calendar for today”.   Set up routines so when you say “Hey Google, good morning”, Google will go ahead and let you know the weather, how your commute to work is, which route is ideal to take and play the news for you – all through one request.

Some other cool things it can do is allow you to personalize routines, tell you the weather forecast, commute information, your daily calendar, make calls, make video calls, set reminders, turn on and off things like lights, allow you to stream Spotify and YouTube, check a live feed from your Nest camera, play music and much more.

Included in this package are two smart plugs.  Once plugged in, you will be able to remotely control the devices plugged in to them.  I love using the smart plugs for my hair appliances and my coffee machine.  Google will turn on these devices for me, freeing up my time to get out the door faster in the mornings.  Thank you Google!

The design is intriguing featuring natural lines and an all white solidly constructed body.  This design is ideal and will adapt and blend into an assortment of décor styles (even if you don’t have one yet).  The built in 10-watt speaker is awesome for listening to music and hearing your favourite people speak via the phone or video-calling feature.   Video calling is a cool experience because you turn the Lenovo Smart Display upright and you get more of you inside the video without crouching down or hunching your back.

There are physical buttons to adjust volume along the top right and an option to not only mute the mic but switch off the camera as well. Your privacy is your call.

So you get that same rich experience of Google Home Speakers but now you get this useful display for watching videos, YouTube, recipes, video chatting, weather alerts and more.  Let Lenovo help you make your life better!  Do everything hands free.  It’s the smart solution for your home.