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NANO STRONG – Invisible Liquid Screen Protector

Posted By on October 12, 2017 in Reviews |

NANO STRONG – Invisible Liquid Screen Protector

Wake up, clean and feed your self, the sun is up. Gotta go to work, need to pay bills, time to get cracking. Unless it’s your phone, no one likes cracked phones.

Life is a constant rush, constantly demanding and never gives you a break. It would be totally unrealistic to assume you will never jeopardize the safety of your beloved phone, the thing that keeps you going.

As much as we may love our phones, we drop them, scuff them, and throw them in a bag filled with shiny screen threats. We shove them in pockets, next to change or keys, and most importantly, we often give them to the ones we love, the little people that love throwing things around very unpredictably.

And it is not only the phones that are in danger. What about that annoying person at work, that always darts his pen against your laptop or tablet screen, sending shockwaves down your spine in fear of tiny chips or scratches that will forever mess with your OCD.

Well, forget about traditional adhesive screen protectors that get all bubbly and start peeling off the first time they feel some abuse. Here to save the day, is an invisible hero.

No, he is not a Marvel character, he is an As Seen On TV product, called Nano Strong. A liquid formula that once applied on your screen will create an ultra thin but mega strong layer of defense against all the enemies. This microscopic nano-shield will last up to a year and will not add any blurriness or distortion to your phone’s screen, so you get to enjoy the clarity and brightness as the manufacturer intended you to.

No more ugly raised doubtful protection, just a super awesome nano treatment that really works.