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TOSY Disco Robo

Posted By on November 5, 2016 in Reviews |

TOSY Disco Robo

Most toys are as good as your imagination can be, but some toys make you want you to shake that tushy!

TOSY is a happy little robot that listens to music and puts some stars to shame with its dancing moves! And, it doesn’t only dance, it feels and talks too!

Winner of multiple prestigious toy awards and featured even by CNN, the TOSY Disco Robo represents a new generation of entertaining and interactive high tech toys.  It encapsulates beat sensors, touch sensors and some A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) to put together much more than a great show.

The beat sensor helps it pick up the rhythm of any song you play for it, and it will shake that robo-bum like it is February in Rio.  It can also dance to other sounds such as beat box, clapping, drum beats, and even stomping on the floor making it grove to any music or sound you play.  It will display eight engaging facial expressions as it dances.  It is so much fun watching it use the really wide variety of moves it packs (a whopping 56 in total), I dare you stand still while it dances.

As a bonus, you get a head spinner accessory.  Turn your Disco Robo upside down and revel in its coolness as it dances around.  It will inspire you to try the same dance moves, I guarantee it.

There is a free app you can download and install on your smartphone that further enhances your Disco Robo experience, since you can type messages to it and listen to its response, take control over its moves or teach it your own choreography!

If you already think this thing is cool, just wait until you hear this; pair it with another TOSY Disco Robo and listen to them talk to each other!  They have whole conversations that are hilarious to listen to, and when you start pumping the beats again, they will drop the talk and shake those hips together!

Grab one or two or more of these cool high tech interactive toys, in any of the four colours offered and give them to your loved ones. It will be a toy they will cherish and remember for life.